Need new (and real) update

Game is way too long. I’m going to give up. New constellations are impossible to reach legit. Running the game makes no sense at all. There is no reachable goal.
Hypercores are useless. Impossible to get new stuff. Runs are too long.

Please give us real content in order to go further, and not only a skin which only delay the fact that players will quit your game soon.

True, new constellations takes like forever to travel to.

The game needs to add or rebalance something to speed up lightyears like ex. A hypercore that speeds up traveling.

Im also at the brink of giving up on this game.

Note: Yes i know that you can buy ships to travel faster, but that’s kinda p2w = Pay 2 Win
and yet, another 'update'.

seriously, i think after my vip ran out, i wont be playing this game for a while EXCEPT there is a new and solid update, not just update for us to spend further lol
Close to a week and not even an answer. Nice devs :))

Ok. More than a week now and still no news/answer from NANOO. It’s probably time to quit.
Locking the pinned topic is not an answer guys. ;)
at this point, im just logging in to get my vip rewards. i dont even run anymore. lol
Running out of fun.....endless space travel but getting nowhere