v2.3.0 ‘Berserker’ Update Released!

The rage boileth over...

‘Berserker’ system has been added.


1. Added new ‘Rage’ system

- Upon getting attacked from monsters, the rage gauge gets filled in proportion to the amount of HP lost

- Upon reaching 100% of rage gauge, ‘Berserker’ mode gets activated

- Fighting power, along with Power Attack get increased significantly during ‘Berserker’ mode

- Rage gauge remains the same when even progressing to next stage

2. Added new Unique equipment set ‘Berserker’

- Set Effect: Berserker mode is always activated

- Reduction of damage taken is applied in the Arena as well

- Available in the Shop or by Equipment merge

3. Added iPhone X screen support

4. Enhanced official forum

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G:10704893873 yaa man

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