5Years Played but the new update not come :(

Hi,if you see this message,please tell admin to update the game okay,im not new here im so long play this game for 5years :( and you know what i really boring when always play this game get sword,reset clear data,do again and again and again and also i do time loop and its make my stamina unlimited,x2 exp,no time limit,so boring if the game not updates :( oh come on please tell them and also my pet hatch fast with time future(just setup the date ok)easy but boring,updates please but i really like your lifesteal skill(bloody kiss) and All Unique Sword i really get it but one on dark dugeon or dark mode,i really dont get it the dark sword a_3344060059762354921(id) i play again you know :( again and again and i hope admin will see this message for the veteran players and old players suggestion.