[UPDATE] v1.1.0 Released!

Update Details

- Added new Fatima ‘Joy’

- Made enhancements to Stamina system

- Changed so that all squad creations are free

- Added new soul gift

- Fixed game balance

- Fixed bugs

It's amazing
need code core -_-
Joy has the cutest smile out of all the Fatima's, good job for the update and fixing some stuff, THANK YOU!!! But PLEASE teach us how to do Uppercuts and Rolling attack, it was never mentioned in the tutorial
Wow good fatima brother!
What is the enhancment to the stamina i cant tell the diffrence
Thanks for the new Fatima!! Also, quick question, will there be a cute boyish Fatima? Or a Thore like Fatima? I cant wait for other Fatima's to be released!!! Good luck Devs!!!
Como contigo los tikets
Cara esse é show
Cara que jogo massa