[TIP] Golem appearances and goddess blessings

From 12 noon to 1 pm, and from 8 pm to 9 pm, either golems will appear in all dungeons, or goddess blessings will be sent.

Defeating a golem will reward you with gems or gold, but caution must be used as golems could be quite powerful.

When goddess blessings are sent, mana recovery speed increases by 2 times during the blessing period.

The appearance schedule of the golems and blessings are as following during the week. Be sure to get the rewards by playing! View the status by seeing the golem's face icon in the lower left of the merge area. If for some reason the golem icon does not appear, force close the game and restart.

  • MON: (Daytime) Ruby Golem / (Evening) Sapphire Golem
  • TUE: (Daytime) Emerald Golem / (Evening) Gold Golem
  • WED: (Daytime) Diamond Golem / (Evening) Nightmare Golem
  • THU: (Daytime) Goddess Blessing / (Evening) Ruby Golem
  • FRI: (Daytime) Sapphire Golem / (Evening) Emerald Golem
  • SAT: (Daytime) Gold Golem / (Evening) Diamond Golem
  • sun: (Daytime) Nightmare Golem / (Evening) Goddess Blessing

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Nice, but it is VERY bad to have time based events, because people of some countries like mine can‘t take part,

Please make them daily events where more % appearance over the day, that can be obtained while idling
Maybe change it to items that we get in the mailbox every day, use to make golems appear in the dungeon for an hour,