[TIP] How to increase chance of survival

To increase the Heroes' survival chance, first understand Merge Dungeon's unique HP system.

The red orb indicates the total HP of the Hero group.

No matter which Hero is hit, the HP is removed from the orb.

When the orb reaches 0, all Heroes are dead.

Vitality should be maximized for all the Heroes, as their HPs are shared.

Up next, monster targeting.

When attacking a monster, the chance of being attacked for each Hero is 60% for Hunter, 30% for Hunter, 10% for Sorcerer, which should apply to both physical and magic attacks. No matter which Hero is hit, the group HP is reduced, but for physical attacks, the damage is minimized when the Warrior is attacked with his high physical defense and for magic attacks, damage is minimized when the Sorcerer is attacked with her high magic defense.

Warrior, who receives the most attacks should choose equipment based on defense rather than offense, and Sorcerer should level up the skill 'Magic Lightning Rod' so that she can take magic damage instead of Warrior as much as possible.

You may think it is ok for Hunter to have low defense. However, since there are enemies' wide area attacks that deal damage to all Heroes, if Hunter's defense is low, the Hero group can be very vulnerable.

In summary:

- Vitality is vital. The more you have, the better it is.

- Upgrade Warrior with focus on defense.

- Upgrade skills for Warrior's 'Provocation' and Sorcerer's 'Magic Lightning Rod'

- Quickly eliminate magic-using and wide area attacking monsters.

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