[GUIDE] 10 tips for conquering the dungeon

10 tips for conquering the dungeons

1. Upon acquiring equipment, check its level and options.

Each equipment piece is divided into 5 levels. The higher the level, the more options are available. Equipment grade is identified by the round icon in the equipment image. The ratings are displayed as the following from high to low: purple > brown > yellow > blue > gray. In addition, it's good to check the same equipment before merging as the type and number of equipment options change randomly.  

2. The most important craft upgrade is 'Craft Faster' skill

MP is required not only for Hero skills, but also for crafting equipment.

Faster MP refill enables faster acquirement of stronger equipment.

3. Use HP potions

During battle with powerful monsters, healing by the wizard may not be enough to heal the Heroes fast enough. In this case, escape the fatal situation by using the HP potion. HP potions can be purchased from the Goblin Merchant in the dungeon. 

4. Remove booby traps by tapping on them

When exploring dungeons, fatal booby traps may appear. Tap on them to remove before they reach the Heroes.

5. Be wary of bosses' powerful attacks

Some powerful boss monsters may pause attacking to gather strength for powerful blows. Attacks can be nullified with Warrior's Shield Strike skill. Shield Strike is unlocked with the Warrior reaches level 5.

6. Challenge the Collect Essence Dungeon

Get Essence by beating the Collect Essence dungeon every hour. Collecting Essence is crucial for unlocking skills and upgrading Heroes.

7. Upgrade Equipment

When meeting a blacksmith in the dungeon, upgrade the Hero's equipment to  significantly increase performance. 

8. Use the Gems liberally

For each time Gems are used for upgrading Equipment, Gem fragments are acquired. Gem fragments are used for increasing proficiency for new equipment. 

9. Challenge the Secret Dungeon

You may encounter gates leading to secret dungeons as you explore the dungeon. Although it may be difficult, more equipment, gold, and most importantly, Nightmare Gems may be acquired for the Nightmare Dungeon challenge.

10. Challenge the nightmare dungeon

Conquer 50th floor of Normal Dungeon and challenge the Nightmare Dungeon to get better equipment, more Gold and above all, Transcendence Gems used for transcending Heroes. 

Great tips!