[TIP] Angel's Blessings

Angel's Blessing is extra points earned for watching video ad for every ending, which includes closing of the Shop screen.

For each time you view an ad, 10 points are earned, and the following bonus effects are earned according to the accumulated points.

1-20 points: Increases ATK and HP of all Heroes by 15%

21-40 points: Increases Gold acquired when defeating monsters by 15% 

41-60 points: Increases movement speed by 15%

Angel's Blessing points decrease by 10 every 3 minutes. So to keep up the bonus effects, watching ads strategically helps. Current Blessing poings can be found in Shop > Angel's Blessing.

Leave a comment to this thread for 3 Diamonds, which will be delivered to your in-game Inbox.

Can you remove the auto forced advert when we visit the weapon shop? Its annoying ...
Blessing goes down way too quickly