[TIP] Magic damage and physical damage

There are 2 types of monster attacks, physical attacks and magic attacks, which can be checked through the monster attack effects.

  • Physical Attack: Claw Effect
  • Magic Attack: Magic Circle Effect

Physical attack damage is reduced by the defense options of helm and armor. Magic damage is reduced by the magic defense options of pendant and ring. (Tome for Sorcerer as well)

The Warrior is strong against physical damages but weak against magic damages, while the Sorcerer is strong against magic, but weak against physical damages. (The Hunter is weak against both physical and magic damages.)

Therefore, it is important that Warrior take physical damage on behalf of the other Heroes through Berserker skill, and Sorcerer receive magic damage through Magic Lightning Rod skill.

The physical and magic damage reduction rate (%) can be seen in detail in the Hero window.

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Nice stuff
Can you redirect aoe attack?
Can you redirect aoe attack?
I’d like to know the answer on this question aswell