Garbage saving feature

Second time now where you’ve completely erased my progress with you absolute trash save feature. Love clicking the save button before leaving your shit game and thinking it might do something useful. No information about game state on your loading feature so on two separate occasions now you’ve wiped many hours of active game play when I had the gall to try to use your load feature upon reopening your game. After the first incident I was stupid enough to give you the benefit of the doubt and searched through your embarrassment of a settings menu for a way to link my account and avoid another potential erasure of my progress. Without any way found on your labelless abomination of a settings page, I hoped the games connection the gamecenter via achievements would be enough. Obviously not. Fuck you devs, no idea how you can create a game and still be so shit at designing a basic settings/save system

I found a fix for your problem in my thread I just made, hope it works!